EnvirotechContainer data center

“The government’s focus currently lies on green energy and energy efficiency to successfully maintain its pioneering role in the area of energy revolution. There is a variety of government subsidy programmes already which support companies in shifting to more energy efficient technologies. That’s why we work together with Cloud&Heat Technologies.”

Kristian Osestad, CEO of Envirotech Norway

Project description:

We installed a Private Cloud For our customer Envirotech, focusing on the development and construction of a water-cooled containerised data center with waste heat reuse.

Company Profile:

  • Located in Norway, supplier of environmentally friendly data center solutions with waste heat reutilisation

Project objective:

  • Install a mobile application
  • Optimise the use of limited space
  • Optimise energy efficiency by hot-water cooling and air circulation management
  • Conceptualise waste heat reutilisation

Solution delivered:

  • Installation of the Cloud&Heat hardware technology in a customized container
  • Installation of six Datacenter in a Box with OpenStack integration