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    Cloud&Heat partners with Kekst CNC

    25.08.2020 - by Theresa Kambor

    In times like these, cyber security is more important than ever

    Together with Kekst CNC we want to strengthen the cyber security offering in the region through a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness around the risks that cyber threats pose. During the past few months and amidst the outbreak of the global pandemic, the number of cyber incidents increase worldwide. In spite of this, many companies in the region lag behind when it comes to implementing robust security measures and being prepared to manage a cyber crisis should an incident occur. Therefore, it has never been more important to re-educate employees and equip organizations with the right tools and knowledge to launch an effective response to a cyber event.

    The workshops

    The workshops offered, will address the need for reeducation by helping organizations minimize their digital risk, optimize existing digital infrastructure and ultimately better protect their business and their reputation.

    Kekst CNC will provide a thorough assessment of existing risk management processes from a communications and reputations perspective as well as he most effective ways to prepare and react to a cyber breach, including stakeholder communications, key principles of crisis communications and an audit of current crisis plans and team structures.

    We will address the importance of sustainable and secure IT infrastructure and explain in detail the relevant technical tools available for protecting companies from future cyber threats.

    About Kekst CNC

    Kekst CNC is a leading global strategic communication consultancy. The team of over 250 experiences professionals serve clients from 12 offices all around the world. As trusted advisers, the firm contributes its expertise on such high-stake matters as: M&A, shareholder activism and governance, crisis communications, issues and reputation management, change management and employee management, as well as digital and social communications.

    Kekst CNC has deep expertise managing communications across several cyber scenarios, including data breaches, system failures and more, providing clients with services ranging from risk assessment and preparedness to training as well as response and recovery advisory.



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