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    Cloud&Heat expands to Asia

    29.04.2018 - by Lisa Grzonkowski

    From startup to global player

    Cloud&Heat is expanding its relations in Asia. With our future-minded concepts, we offer exactly what the Asian market is looking for: scalable computing power in the form of Cloud services and energy-efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives to the standard data centers.

    A promising partnership

    Our first and highly esteemed trading partner in Asia is Inabata & Co. The data center containers that Inabata ordered were successfully delivered using maritime transportation, and then, in cooperation with our Japanese partner, connected to a photovoltaic system by our Cloud&Heat team members Lucas Drews and Jaime Comella. Besides this, our team implemented the software and trained the local service providers, completing the commissioning within just a few days. Since then, the data center containers have been operating smoothly, despite high temperatures and windy conditions.

    Opportunities for Cloud&Heat in Asia

    The container equipped with GPU-compute capabilities is just the beginning for the Green IT company. As the Asian market offers enormous potential, Cloud&Heat will continue developing its business opportunities here through further talks in parallel with potential customers throughout Asia.


    Our Mission

    We build the most

    energy efficient data centers. Worldwide.


    Franziska Büttner

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