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    MagentaGaming: Deutsche Telekom starts cloud gaming pilot using Cloud&Heats technology

    26.08.2020 - by Theresa Kambor


    Nowadays, computer games are having a huge impact in society. Even though the gaming-scene is bigger than music- and film industry together and they are using enormous sources of energy, producing ecological damage, sustainability is not a big deal yet. The Deutsche Telekom took a step forward and started the first pilot of MagentaGaming, a cloud gaming pilot for Telekom customers using a water-cooled infrastructure in Bonn.

    About MagentaGaming

    MagentaGaming is currently running as a pilot, giving Telekom users the benefit of playing more than 100 games in the cloud for free. One of the biggest advantages of online gaming in the Cloud, is users do not have to buy powerful hardware to ensure the games are running. For using MagentaGaming, one must simply download the app which is available for Windows, Mac and Android mobile and can immediately choose the games without any additional downloads. Powerful servers in the Cloud stream the games straight to the computers.

    Deutsche Telekom testing Cloud&Heats technology

    The Deutsche Telekom is constantly working on solutions and use cases that support its climate targets and proof to be cost efficient. Therefore, they are currently testing Cloud&Heats technology to set an example and solve the problem of the common cooling infrastructure in data centers. By combining energy-efficient hardware with a powerful hot water-cooled NVIDIA RTX gaming server, users benefit from rapid cloud gaming while reducing the data center’s carbon footprint. By using the water-cooling technology, we developed a cloud gaming infrastructure solution featured with high energy efficiency and low carbon-emission. Compared to a regular gaming-pc, using the water-cooled RTX-Server, with a workload of 160 players in an hour, cloud-gaming saves up to 44.000 g/CO2 , which is about 70%. That is as much as a 560 km drive from Hamburg to Nuremberg.

    Solar Impulse Foundation

    With the technology, they joined the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000+ Solutions Alliance. The Solar Impulse Foundation created by Bertrand Picard is a label, focused on environment and profitability assessed by independent experts. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label serves as a credible marker of quality to decision-makers in business and governments. This will pull new technologies and products to the market and fast track their implementation. The Deutsche Telekom got awarded by the foundation for the innovative direct water-cooling system developed by us. The recognition is part of SIF’s 1000+ Solution Alliance for building a portfolio of cleantech innovations for profitable environmental solutions.


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