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    Cloud&Heat has developed one of the first Gaia-X demonstrators

    4.06.2020 - by Franziska Büttner


    About seven months ago, the Gaia-X concept initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which aims to ensure European data sovereignty, was officially presented at the Digital Summit in Dortmund by Peter Altmaier. On the one hand, the project aims to create networked, open and secure data and infrastructure ecosystems based on European values. On the other hand, it is to feature all the applications that the major providers from the USA and China also offer. The cloud platform should also be compatible with applications from many third-party providers to enable easy migration from and integration of other services.

    Cloud&Heat is part of an extensive European project consortium

    The impetus for an internationally competitive European cloud offering originally came from Germany, and France joined the idea shortly afterwards. In principle, however, the Gaia-X project was to become a joint operation between several nations from the outset. This not only includes European countries, but also market participants outside Europe should participate in the development and further development.


    In addition to the more than 300 German, European and non-European companies that are now involved in Gaia-X, Cloud&Heat is among the pioneers who are playing a major role in shaping the project and helping to implement it. Together with other partners, we will present a first demonstrator at an international and prominent video conference on June 4, 2020. This demonstrator shows the vision and principles of GAIA-X in basic steps.


    Demonstrator illustrates basic principles of Gaia-X for the future topic of artificial intelligence

    The demonstrator primarily aims for the cross-supplier processing and storage of large amounts of data in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The widespread use of AI could lead to an enormous, cross-industry increase in economic output. In order to implement AI applications to increase productivity, users need to be able to choose between different cloud providers and are to use their data and applications freely between the different providers to and to combine different services.


    With the chosen demonstrator, the customer formulates, in the example, the Big Data-Company AI4BD, its individual requirements for the cloud infrastructure from subject areas such as data security and data protection or ecological sustainability via the GAIA-X Portal of the German Edge Cloud and selects its preferred provider. The request is then sent via the intelligent orchestration software „Krake“ from Cloud&Heat and the Cloud service launched.


    The Hyperscaler Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the requested data Encrypts the security-enhanced cloud environment of a local provider in which the data is decrypted using a machine learning algorithm and processed. This is where the expertise of secunet Security Networks AG, secustack GmbH and NTT Data Germany GmbH to bear. Subsequently, the data is passed on to the user passed on. The user thus combines the strengths of different providers, in order to be able to implement an AI service on an infrastructure that performance and safety expectations.


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