Searched and found!

June 4th, 2018

Do you know that feeling? You long for something new, a career change is needed! But which company is the right one? Sometimes it’s like looking for a new smartphone. Who is the manufacturer offering the latest features, where can I find the equipment I need, and which model is compatible with my other devices? Most likely you feel like me: researching a lot and searching for a long time – exhausting. Enticed to strike on the Internet by the perfect placement – this might bring disillusionment. But how can you get an authentic impression?

I had the great opportunity to do so at a career fair where I spoke to Cloud&Heat. In a pleasant conversation Beatrice and her colleagues told me about their daily work and exciting projects. My interest has been aroused and they gave me detailed information about their career opportunities. Then I knew – the conditions, the activities, the team – that is exactly the right thing!

And then it all happened very quickly. A nice welcome, a short introduction and off we went! Our system administrator helped to set up my workstation. My duties here are clear from the first day. It is well known that all beginnings are difficult, but here I have been given help and advice. After my PC was ready to go, the internal wiki helped me to get started. There you will find all the useful information you need for your daily work. Many new colleagues – too many names at once? I found employee profiles in the wiki. After only a few weeks I feel like part of the team.

In a modern and future-oriented company that is heating up the cloud world, it is not surprising that someone is addressed informally with “du”. It strengthens the team spirit, breaks down barriers and fits the vision of Cloud&Heat. Thanks to the open atmosphere in our loft office, it is not a long way to a colleague. We meet regularly and coordinate – whether at the monthly staff meeting, at the daily scrum meeting or for spontaneous arrangements. Our working hours are flexible. I get the freedom to work on projects and my ideas are appreciated. Here all pioneers are trying out, giving each other feedback and helping out.

In order to keep a clear head, it is of course necessary to take a break. In the large kitchen we have everything we need, including table football. From time to time we cook together or look forward to the food truck or the ice-cream man in front of the door.

I particularly liked the concept of Cloud&Heat. As a sustainable company, it is important to us to make the world a little better. We want to make a difference not only to ourselves, but also to the world. That is why we act with a forward-looking approach and with conviction. Every day I face new challenges and make progress. Not only for projects, but also for myself.

You want to change something as well? Do you have an innovative way of thinking and are you ready for exciting tasks and complex questions? Then send your application to We are looking forward to meeting you! If you have any further questions, our human resources manager Beatrice Schönmetz will be happy to answer them.

The next opportunity for an authentic impression: CEBIT in Hanover from 11-15.06.2018, Hall 12, Booth B91