FUTURE OF COMPUTE: Safely into the digital, green future at CEBIT 2018

May 24th, 2018

We are represented twice at CEBIT 2018: On the one hand, we will introduce the next generation of our water-cooled data center container and provide a unique insight (in the truest sense of the word!) into the mobile data center of the future. In addition, there will be interesting live applications that demonstrate the unique uses of the technologies in a vivid and entertaining way. Together with our project partner, secunet Security Network AG, we are also presenting the joint project SecuStack – The Secure Cloud, which offers a security-hardened cloud platform based on OpenStack for critical processes and data.

The highlight of the year for the tech industry is approaching with great steps: For the first time this year, CEBIT will not take place in March but in June and will feature a completely new concept.

Of course we are also taking part again and would like to offer completely new insights and show all visitors what we have been working on eagerly in the last year:

Cloud&Heat has developed a new generation of its patented direct hot water cooling, which makes it possible to absorb the waste heat from the graphic processors specifically and to use it to generate heat, which can be used directly to supply residential and business premises. This is ensured by a constant temperature level of 60°C of the outgoing water, which offers a wide range of possible uses for the waste heat. An additional and inefficient use of heat pumps is not necessary. This saves resources in two ways: on the one hand, cooling costs for the data center are saved, and on the other hand, the costs for heating or hot water preparation can be massively reduced.

The concept of the GPU data center as a mobile 20-foot container enables the flexible use of graphical computing power and at the same time hot water production at any location. The combination of extremely high power density – with full equipment a standard 20ft High Cube ISO Container contains 1440 GPUs, which reach up to 0.32 MW or 7,065 PetaFlop/s – and intelligent water cooling system helps the container to outstanding energy efficiency. The PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness) is below 1.05, the ERE (Energy Reuse Effectiveness) is up to 0.3. In contrast, PUE values of 1.6 and above are common in the industry, waste heat utilisation is very rare. It is a world first in GPU container data centers. Compared to a similarly powerful data centre, the GPU container from Cloud&Heat enables CO2 savings of up to 1,337 tonnes – this corresponds to 18.7 forest football pitches and a cost reduction of 370,000 euros, which would otherwise have to be spent on cooling and external hot water generation.

At Cebit, trade fair visitors can experience how augmented reality and sustainable technology go hand in hand. In two showcases, the exhibited walk-in container makes it possible to experience visually and haptically how modern GPU computing power functions within the framework of face recognition and simultaneously generates hot water. The different computing power of GPU processors compared to CPU processors is illustrated.

We are looking forward to your visit in hall 12, booth B91! Would you like to make an appointment with us? Contact us at press@cloudandheat.com and get your free ticket for CEBIT 2018!




SecuStack – The Secure Cloud.
OpenStack is the de facto standard for open source cloud computing and data centers that global players also rely on for their public and private cloud offerings. The solutions are scalable and can be flexibly expanded or reduced depending on the current order situation, enabling companies of all sizes to have a customized cloud structure with OpenStack. In order to make OpenStack more trustworthy and attractive for users with very high security requirements (such as R&D, industry 4.0 applications, but also public autho rities or banks), secunet Security Networks AG, one of the leading German providers of advanced IT security, and Cloud&Heat Technologies have set up a cooperation to establish a security-hardened cloud platform for critical processes and data.

At this year’s CEBIT, the joint project SecuStack will be presented to a larger public for the first time. We are looking forward to your visit in hall 12, booth D21/1. secustack.com provides further information about the project.

Franziska Leitermann Marketing Manager at Cloud&Heat.