Visiting northern Neighbours: Denmark’s renewable Energies

May 25th, 2018

Not only we are living the Future of Compute, but also many other companies that we are proud to have as our customers. We are also very pleased that Cloud&Heat is no longer an unknown name in many countries. This is a good reason for a trip and that is exactly what our colleague Maximilian has done for us. From the 30th of April to the 3rd of May he took the opportunity to get to know Denmark and its current economic developments a little better. In the form of a travel diary, he would like to give us a brief insight into the Danish culture and economic developments of Denmark.


After arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark’s first impression is reminiscent of a film intro: the weather at the beginning doesn’t seem very inviting. After a short drive through the green Danish landscape it becomes clear: The alleged disadvantage of the bad weather is actually an advantage. Denmark is the country of renewable energies. A lot of rain and strong wind can also have their advantages.

Immediately after landing Maximilian took the train to Slagelse to be picked up by Kim Schultz. Kim Schultz is a Special Advisor at Invest in Denmark. He accompanied Maximilian on his journey through Denmark and helped him to make new contacts. As a company that places great importance on energy efficiency, we want to establish contact with companies in countries that are open to the innovative and sustainable production and use of energy.

Invest in Denmark became aware of Cloud&Heat Technologies for the first time in 2017 by participating in several joint data centre events. Since then, a regular exchange on opportunities for Cloud&Heat in the Danish market, with its unique business environment, was established. (Schultz, 2018)

On Tuesday it was rather sunny in Denmark and it remained sunny for the rest of the week. The Danes can take advantage of the great weather outside the metropolitan areas. Other than that, the space also offers a favorable building site for additional data centers.

Maximilian had a tight schedule and many meetings during his stay in Denmark, but all of them were interesting and informative. The company representatives were highly interested in Cloud&Heat solutions.

The Danish government has set the goal of abandoning fossil fuels for the entire country by 2050. Denmark has wanted to reduce its dependence on oil imports since 1972. Later, the complete phase-out of fossil fuels and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions were added to the plan, as these are heavily taxed. To achieve this ambitious goal, a strong expansion of wind energy as well as the electrification of the heating and transport sector will be needed. Denmark has been using renewable energy since then and has become aware of the use of waste heat. The country is characterised by its already enviably well-developed district heating network. 62% of all households in Denmark have been heated with district heating since 2013.

Apple, Facebook and Google have also recognised Denmark’s potential and are already creating billions of dollars worth of Hyperscale data centres. For example, a Facebook data center is under construction in Odense. Apple is also building a data center in Viborg and Google is also building in Fredericia. In the air-cooled Hyperscale data center, air/water heat exchangers ensure the recovery of 30°C warm water. By using heat pumps, the temperature of the water can be increased to 70°C. The hot water is then fed into the district heating network and used again. Similarly, Denmark also offers many opportunities due to the good conditions in the small or medium-sized data centre sector, because sustainability is also an issue of great importance to us. The companies have sufficient space to place the containers and the waste heat can be fed directly into the district heating network.

For innovative and sustainable solutions, Invest in Denmark sees high potential, and especially within the waste heat recovery solutions, like the one Cloud&Heat has developed, the Danish market is very promising! (Schultz, 2018)

A 325-kilometer submarine cable, the so-called COBRAcable, is to establish a connection between the Danish and Dutch electricity markets. There is a conversion station in both Denmark and the Netherlands. The aim is to integrate more electricity from sources of renewable energies (e.g. wind energy from Denmark) into the European electricity market in order to promote market coupling. Denmark’s relatively central location in Scandinavia also makes it a hub for electricity distribution to England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic States and the Benelux countries. We greatly admire Denmark’s great environmental awareness and would also like to be involved in the construction of our data centres in container form.

Only Invest in Denmark and the help of Kim Schultz made the trip possible in the first place. During Maximilian’s stay in Denmark, the time could be used for networking. During the exchange we received extremely positive feedback, because the Danes also see waste heat utilisation as an important goal in the conversion of the country’s energy supply. As energy consumption increases, so does the demand for cost-effective alternatives. As an energy-efficient company, we want to show potential customers ways into this future with our solutions as the stepping stone.

At the end of the trip there was another small highlight. A visit to the Version 2 Datacenter fair in Copenhagen was planned, which brought informative lectures and interesting discussions. Then Maximilian had to say goodbye to Denmark and return home.

The four-day trip was a complete success for Cloud&Heat in order to make further ties in Scandinavia. The countless meetings with representatives of the Danish district heating companies, as well as the cooperation with Kim Schultz, have helped to gain a first insight into the sustainable perspective of the companies. We thank you for the friendly stay and are already looking forward to our next visit in Denmark!


First contacts to companies and partners were made during the last weeks. The further process of identifying and addressing potential partners and opportunities will be done in close cooperation with Invest in Denmark and the next step will be taken shortly. (Schultz, 2018)