Cloud&Heat Data Center in the Eurotheum: Our Cloud is live!

April 16th, 2018

You remember our housewarming party at the Eurotheum in November 2017: We celebrated the opening of our new location in the heart of Frankfurt am Main/Germany with our customers, partners, friends and of course colleagues and gave everyone a look behind the scenes of the new green data center.

But even if it seemed a bit calmer afterwards, behind the scenes a lot of heart and soul went into the development, optimization and fine-tuning of software and hardware in order to reach the next milestone in the project. The goal was the go-live of the cloud on April 15, 2018 – after all, our customers should have the best possible and most comprehensive cloud experience right from the start.

After four busy months, we can now proudly say: Mission accomplished! As planned, the cloud at the Eurotheum started smoothly last Sunday and is now fully available to our customers.

A Green Cloud for Green Customers

One of the customers who will be participating right from the start is the Technical University of Dresden with the research project “Movebis” (spoken mo-weh-bis) funded by the BMVI, which is carried out by the Chairs of Transport Ecology and Computer Networks together with the German Climate Alliance. “Movebis” comes from Latin and means: “You will move” – and that describes the goal very well. The aim is to create a uniform nationwide data basis on cycling and to evaluate it afterwards. The movement and sensor data provided by cyclists on their smartphones will enable local authorities to draw conclusions about possible ways of optimising the cycling infrastructure at a later date.

The data is collected during the annual “STADTRADELN” (English: “CITY CYCLING”) campaigns of the German Climate Alliance, which has been looking for Germany’s most bicycle-active municipality with the goal of CO2 avoidance as part of a competition for ten years.

However, such a project is a great challenge for data processing. This requires a flexible solution that can be adapted to changing conditions as required: “We have a potentially very large user base whose data needs to be stored and processed. However, we do not yet know the exact number of users of the smartphone app. That’s why we decided on a cloud solution that can be scaled to meet our needs,” says Philipp Grubitzsch, project staff member at the Chair of Computer Networks, summarizing the challenges.

There are also high legal requirements for the processing of personal data, such as those arising from the collection of movement patterns: “For us, data protection was another reason why we had recourse to a German cloud provider. The TU Dresden must adhere to the very strict Saxon data protection law and the EU basic data protection regulation, which will soon come into force”.

Last but not least, the team at TU Dresden was also fascinated by the idea of CO2 savings behind the modern and highly energy-efficient data centre in the Eurotheum, reveals Philipp Grubitzsch: “This fit in perfectly with the main objective of the STADTRADELN campaign of the German Climate Alliance, in the context of which we collect the data in the Movebis project!”

Would you like to host your project in our green data center in Frankfurt? Here you can have a look at the price list or contact us right away. We are looking forward to hear from you!

The green cloud supplies a hotel with heating and hot water

Cloud&Heat’s patented hot water direct cooling system is also used in the Eurotheum. Thanks to it, the heat of the processors in the servers does not go to waste. This means that the water heated to up to 60 °C can be fed directly into the hot water and heating circuits of the high-rise building. This saves several times: on the one hand, cooling costs that would otherwise be incurred if servers were to be cooled, as well as heating costs for the heat consumers – and accordingly also a great deal of energy. For example, the hotel guests of the Meliá INNSIDE Eurotheum, which is located on the upper floors of the Eurotheum, are supplied with hot water and heating.

A thoroughly round concept: “We are happy to be live with our green data center now. We offer an innovative, sustainable cloud concept that is unique both in terms of IT and sustainability – and this is well received by our customers,” says Nicolas Röhrs, CEO of Cloud&Heat Technologies. “We are pleased that the next milestone in the ‘future of compute’ approach of Cloud&Heat has been reached and that we can now further develop the project together with our customers!”

Franziska Leitermann Marketing Manager at Cloud&Heat.