Cloud&Heat Technologies expands to Asia

June 8th, 2018

Following the successfully concluded trading partnership with the Japanese group Inabata & Co. and the successful delivery of the first Datacenter Container in mid-April 2018, further Japanese customers were convinced: Last week, more Japanese companies ordered fully equipped containers from Cloud&Heat, which will be also connected to clean energy such as photovoltaic plant, wind farms and hydrogen storage.

The cooperation with Inabata is based on active contact with the Japanese company, which has been taken place for some time. In March 2018 the cooperation was officially sealed with a trade partnership. After several initial meetings in Dresden, Nicolas Röhrs, CEO, and Dr. Marius Feldmann, COO, concluded their talks with the internationally active trading group in Tokyo.

“This is an important milestone in the evolution of Cloud&Heat from a former start-up to a globally operating company. We are very pleased to see that the interest in our sustainable data center solutions and individual cloud infrastructures is steadily growing in other parts of the world”, says Röhrs.

The container ordered by Inabata was successfully delivered after sea transport and connected to a photovoltaic system by Cloud & Heat colleagues Lucas Drews and Jaime Comella, in cooperation with Japanese companies. This included not only the electronic connection but also the software commissioning, such as the execution of updates and training of the software service provider on site. Commissioning took place in mid-April and has thus been running trouble-free for almost two months under high temperature and windy environment.

“Cloud&Heat offers exactly what the Asian market needs: scalable computing power in the form of cloud services on the one hand, and an energy-efficient and, thus, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional data centers on the other. As the Cloud&Heat portfolio includes the construction of data centers in containers, among other things, it offers flexible solutions even for long transport distances. This is an enormous competitive advantage compared to large, stationary data centers. We see great potential here with regard to growing edge-computing needs and an increased awareness of sustainability in business operations”, explains Toshihiro Matsuo, manager at Inabata’s Information & Electronics Division III, the reason for the great interest in the Dresden-based company.

The container equipped with GPU computing power could thus also be presented to Japanese and international interested parties. The new customers have become aware of the solution and have opted for their own data center container. Further talks with potential customers from all over Asia will continue in parallel.

Particularly the IT sector in Saxony has been maintaining intensive relations with partners from Asia for many years. Major investors such as Samsung from Korea, whose organic electronics subsidiary Novaled is currently building its new headquarters in Dresden for around 20 million euros, as well as intensive cooperation in related industries such as the strategic orientation of freight traffic between Asia and Europe via Halle/Leipzig Airport are shaping the economic development of the location.  Japanese companies and organizations with more than 40 invests and ten branches in Saxony are one of the focal points. The new partnership between Cloud&Heat and Inabata now opens up an additional economic sector that stands for Saxony’s innovative strength.