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    Artificial Intelligence in secure privacy-preserving computing continuum

    2.03.2021 - by Theresa Kambor


    With the increasing development of AI applications comes a growing need to optimize the use of computational resources for data collection, processing, and online analytics. At the same time, preserving the data privacy and the security of data becomes essential.

    9 Partners from 6 European countries

    AI Sprint “Artificial Intelligence in secure privacy-preserving computing continuum” is founded to develop a framework for developing and operating AI applications. The AI-Sprint Research and Innovation Action, co-founded by the European Commission, brings together 9 domain-skilled partners from 6 European Countries.

    Meeting the digitization needs

    The dedicated AI-Sprint Alliance will be set up to support the AI and edge computing ecosystem. By doing so, AI-Sprint will meet the digitization needs of businesses and the public sector, proving its competitive edge and replicability in three real world scenarios – spanning farming 4.0, maintenance and inspection and personalized healthcare – in line with EU priority areas for AI investments.

    Our contribution to the project

    Based on our expertise in security and orchestration, we will contribute to defining the project requirements and to developing the AI-SPRINT technology.  In addition, as a cloud provider, we will provide the infrastructure and computing resources for the runtime and validation of the project’s technology to the project use cases.

    Extending the Open Source Orchestrator Krake

    In the context of the AI-SPRINT project, we will extend the open source orchestrator Krake with new features, like the migration of stateful applications, preservation of the application’s IP address across migrations and the management of Edge Site with limited compute capacity, for instance a Raspberry Pi.

    You can find more information about the project in the Press Release below.


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