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    55%-Package by the European Commission

    15.07.2021 - by Theresa Kambor


    The European Commission wants to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. Therefore, they plan to transform our economy and societies to reduce emissions, create jobs and growth, address energy poverty, reduce external energy dependency and improve our security of supply as well as improving our health and wellbeing.

    To reach these goals, one of the major milestones will be to reduce emissions by 55% until 2030.

    The 55%-Package is part of the European Green Deal, and sets the EU on a path to reach its climate targets in a fair, cost-effective and competitive way.

    As part of the Package is a greater use of renewable energy planned as well as renovating buildings as key for reducing the energy consumption and bringing down emissions by using renewable energy sources and minimizing energy bills. Also the European Commission wants to boost energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean fuels as essential to drive industrial decarbonization forward. As Cloud&Heat, we are very glad to see how the EU wants to transform in a greener and sustainable way. „Fit for 55 is only possible on a holistic basis and I’m looking forward to contributing with our holistic green computing approach!“ says Dr. Jens Struckmeier, CTO & Founder Cloud&Heat Technologies.


    More about the European Green Deal and the 55%-Package can be found here.


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